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New CBT for Anxiety Group!

We are excited to announce an 8-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment group for adults with a variety of anxiety-related difficulties. The group covers education about anxiety, challenging anxious thoughts, facing anxiety-provoking situations, and skills for maintaining success.

Download the Flyer to Learn More!

Anxiety is part of the normal human condition, but significant, ongoing distress or life interruption is not. As a treatment, training, and research facility, KCCAT offers expert assessment and cognitive behavioral services for all ages based on the most current advancements in the field of mood and anxiety disorders. Specializing in Exposure and Response/Ritual Prevention techniques (ERP), we are proud to be one of few resources available nationwide to offer tailored treatment options for patients’ needs—from consultations and brief skill building sessions, through intensive therapies and home-based treatments—for both anxious children and adults.

While there are numerous mental health providers in our region, our levels of training, experience, expertise and service set us apart. Working as a team led by Dr. Lisa Hale, KCCAT’s staff hold specialty backgrounds consisting of supervised training and research in anxiety disorders, and are nationally respected professionals. KCCAT is the only local treatment facility recognized as an institutional member of the International OCD Foundation.

We realize that deciding upon a clinic or type of treatment can be a difficult choice. Our primary interest is that you receive accurate information and the highest quality of cost-effective, evidence-based treatment shown to be effective for your disorder. We offer free initial resource screens and are here to provide information and answer questions, regardless of where you are located or whether or not you receive services at KCCAT. Please review our website, get to know us, and learn more about anxiety and its treatment.

People successfully reclaim their life from anxiety every day. We look forward to teaching you how. Use our online New Patient/Resource Request Form to get started! You may also call (913-649-8820 x1) or send us an email to learn more.

Partnership for Teaching & Research withUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityDepartment of Psychology