Policies & Fees

Getting Started

Completing a brief New Patient/Resource Request Screening Form is the first step to getting started. These forms are promptly reviewed for helping us get a sense of your needs and how KCCAT (and/or other resources) may be of assistance to you. We will then, based on presentation and fit, assign an available clinician for assessing your needs; they (or a clinic coordinator) will contact you directly for scheduling or discussing resource options that may be helpful to you.

Visit our Getting Started page to complete the form online at your convenience. (If you do not have internet access, or would prefer to complete the screen over the phone, please call (913) 649-8820 and select Option 1 to leave a voicemail with your contact information; a member of our intake staff will typically be able to return your call to complete the screen within 24-48 hours.)

Assessment/Evaluation Services

KCCAT’s initial assessment service is charged as a flat fee of $375 and includes a clinical interview, team review of pertinent background information (including prior treatment history, past records, and initial contact with other current providers as applicable), and completion of a series of standardized assessments. Some preliminary forms will be sent for completion prior to your first appointment.

  • We require a credit card on file to confirm your assessment appointment in our system. A non–refundable cancellation fee of $100 will be charged unless you contact our office to either cancel or reschedule your assessment with a minimum of 72–hours notice.
  • Depending on your evaluation and/or treatment needs, the first several sessions may also have an assessment and planning focus. However, all appointments after the first session will be charged at our regular service rates.
  • For child referrals, parents may be asked to attend one or more sessions after the initial assessment without their child in attendance. Such appointments are charged at our regular service rates.
  • If a patient is home-bound, charges will include additional fees for pro-rated travel time at our regular service rates. Home and community-based services otherwise have no additional charges at our center.

Consultation Services

Consultation sessions, described on our Treatment Services page, typically last between 30-60 minutes and are billed pro-rated by time at our regular service rates. Those opting to then proceed with scheduling a full clinical assessment following one or more consultation appointments will receive a discount on the evaluation fee. Please note that these consultation meetings are by nature limited in scope and do not serve as a clinical evaluation or enrollment in active treatment services.


Fees for the clinic are charged by professional service time and have been determined in a manner that takes into account factors such as regional psychotherapy rates, the specialty training of our clinicians, and the scope of focus of our level of services. When available, portions of treatment may be offered at reduced rates with training therapists (advanced masters and doctoral students) working under the supervision of our licensed psychologists.

  • The base fee for services provided by fully licensed professional staff is $180 per 45-minutes.
  • When available, and appropriate to needs, the base fee for Postdoctoral-level (supervised license) trainee services is $155 per 45-minutes.
  • When available, and appropriate to needs, the base fee for Masters-level clinical trainee services is $135 per 45-minutes.
  • When available, and appropriate to needs, the base fee for advanced masters and doctoral program student trainees is $80 per 45-minutes.
  • Our "Homework Support" coaching service provides extra assistance with ERP practice or monitoring other between-session assignments. This trainee-team service is provided at a nominal fee of $0.50 per minute, with no travel-time fees within the greater Kansas City metro area. This service is contingent upon clinical fit and student staffing times/availability. Your primary therapist can help you determine if this service would be a helpful component of your treatment plan.

KCCAT’s regular service rates will be charged for the following, prorated in 5-minute increments for services of lesser or greater time to the base 45-minute fee.

  • In-office sessions
  • Phone or televideo sessions
  • Home/community-based therapy
  • School assessment or 504/IEP meetings
  • Requested report writing, letters of opinion, or other documentation services not already included in assessment services
  • Consultations with school or other professionals, either by phone or in-person
  • Phone calls with the patient, family, or other providers
  • Total travel time to and from home/community-based sessions, school visits, etc.

Your primary clinician can discuss planning estimates for your specific services following your assessment and throughout your protocol as we gauge response to treatment activities (e.g., initial exposure therapy sessions are usually longer than 45 minutes; booster check-ins can be much shorter).

Crisis calls and between-session phone calls outside of brief contacts will incur charges at our usual rate. Brief contacts are defined as five minutes or less, usually for scheduling or for therapy homework purposes (e.g., pre-arranged check-in calls, clarification of therapy assignments). We instruct patients to contact us when they truly need to, but encourage utilizing our between-session check-in systems in order to build independence and gain the most benefit from treatment. You and your therapist will discuss which tools may be most appropriate for your treatment plan (e.g., scheduled phone therapy sessions, online and/or voicemail check-ins). Our approach assures you appropriate levels of support and guidance while accelerating necessary growth in independent coping skills.

Any additional fees (e.g., admission fees related to community-based exposure therapy for yourself and, when necessary for the therapist to accompany, your therapist) will be your responsibility and are not billed as part of your session time. Anticipated additional charges will be discussed in advance during planning sessions with your therapist.

Cancellation Policy

Scheduled appointment times are reserved expressly for that person; last-minute cancellations and no-shows prevents other patients from being able to receive needed services in the timeliest manner possible. No-shows and cancelations without 24-hours notice (for regular appointments) are subject to the full session fee (up-to 45-minutes), except in the case of a true emergency (e.g., hospitalization, car accident, death in the family). Cancelation or no-show of the initial assessment appointment without 72-hours notice will result in a non-refundable $100 cancellation fee.

If late for an appointment, you will have less time together with your therapist and will still be billed for the entire session. Chronic lateness and missed appointments greatly interfere with this form of therapy. Strategies towards alleviating such difficulties may be addressed as part of your treatment plan, and may result in discharge and referral to other services if not resolved.


Payment is expected at time of service, and may be made by cash, check, or major credit/debit card. We require a credit card on file for securing your initial appointment, as well as for billing missed or out-of-office appointments and as a convenience for teens, young adults, or others who may be attending sessions separate to the paying party.

KCCAT accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You are responsible for keeping your payment card information up-to-date. Returned checks or card charges, as well as late payments, are subject to a $35 fee. Ongoing noncompliance with payment terms may result in referral to collections and additional charges.

KCCAT offers no-interest/no-fee Payment Plans for assisting families in managing treatment costs. Please talk to your primary clinician or our office administrator to inquire about available options.


Like many specialty programs, KCCAT does not bill insurance and our staff are not participating providers for any insurance companies or networks. Services are reimbursable by insurance as applicable to your out-of-network benefit levels. While many patients receive reimbursement of at least a portion of their services, we cannot estimate or guarantee coverage policies or rates for any particular policy.

A billing statement will be provided at each session containing the necessary information for submitting to insurance on your own should you choose to do so in accordance to your plan’s coverage. Particularly when clinical necessity indicates a need for CBT/ERP specialty treatment, some insurance companies may work with their members on appeals for securing a higher level of reimbursement.

KCCAT will also gladly provide a brief summary of our assessment impressions, and the clinical rationale of proposed treatment plans, for insurance or other purposes. Summary letters are provided at no additional cost when requested within eight weeks of your initial assessment appointment. Please remember that reimbursement is considered a matter between you and your insurance company. Always check with them directly for questions about your coverage.

Please also note that KCCAT is not a covered provider for Medicare or Medicaid. If you choose to receive KCCAT services you will have to forego the use of these benefits and pay for sessions on a fee-for-service basis. KCCAT will not file claims for Medicare or Medicaid, and you will not be eligible to independently file claims for our center’s services.

If you choose to work with your insurance company, our Insurance Frequently Asked Questions & Tips (PDF) may help guide you in that process, including common billing, or CPT, codes.

Emergency Services

Please note that our clinic is not able to provide immediate appointments, psychiatric/medical, case management services, or ongoing and primary coverage of mental health care issues such as active substance abuse, suicidality, violence, or psychoses. If at any time we determine or you believe you need a higher level of care or alternate services for these types of issues, we will assist you in locating appropriate referrals. ALWAYS alert any current medical or psychiatric provider, call 911, and/or report to the nearest emergency room for medical care during a psychiatric emergency. (National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255))