About Our Center

Anxiety is part of the normal human condition, but significant, ongoing distress or life interruption is not. A respected treatment, training, and research facility for over a decade, KCCAT offers responsive services for expert assessment and cognitive behavioral treatments based on the latest advancements in anxiety and mood disorders.

Specializing in Exposure and Response/Ritual Prevention techniques (ERP), we are proud to be one of only a few team-based resources available nationwide offering closely-tailored care and options for home- and community-based services for both children and adults. From consultations and brief skill building sessions, individual and group outpatient treatments, or individualized intensive outpatient therapy (IOP-level care), our team strives to provide effective, efficient, and compassionate care aimed at managing symptoms and reclaiming your life.

We realize that choosing to start treatment can be difficult. Our primary interest is that you receive accurate information and the highest quality of cost-effective, evidence-based treatment shown to be effective for your condition. We offer free initial resource screens and are here to provide information and answer questions, regardless of your location and whether or not you receive services at KCCAT. Please review our website, get to know us, and reach out to learn more.

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What Makes KCCAT Different?

Locating providers properly and consistently using evidenced based psychotherapy—in particular, CBT with Exposure and Response Prevention (CBT/ERP), the gold-standard component for OCD and anxiety disorders—remains a difficulty across much of the country. KCCAT staff have advanced degrees and post-graduate specialty training from respected institutions under the supervision of nationally and internationally respected experts in the field. This means we have specific, high-level training in the evaluation and treatment of severe OCD and anxiety on top of solid psychology educations. When dealing with a heart condition, a physician specialist working as part of an established cardiology center would be a top choice; choosing an anxiety doctor works in a similar manner for guiding the quality, efficiency, and staffing flexibility for optimizing care options.
Unlike traditional outpatient therapy settings (with access to an individual clinician working in a solo or group private practice) treatment at KCCAT is supported by an entire team of anxiety specialists. Working closely together in reviewing your assessment information, care plan, and progress helps ensure we can provide consistent and effective services and mobilize quickly for adjusting staffing levels for extra care and support. Depending on your needs you may be actively meeting with one of more of our staff, but you can always be assured you have the efforts of the KCCAT team approach working behind the scenes on your behalf.
KCCAT was designed for maintaining active involvement in cutting-edge research and examining new developments for the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments. Our program maintains an academic home through the University of Missouri—Kansas City, and we regularly publish and present at the national conferences of the leading organizations in our field, including the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the International OCD Foundation, and the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Options to participate in research are offered, but not required, when seeking treatment at the center.
An established history of responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable collaboration and community service efforts makes KCCAT a sought-out referral resource, project partner, and training setting. We have longstanding relationships with key programs supporting evidence-based health care locally, regionally, and nationally, allowing us to connect families to the types of services and support resources most likely to make a difference.
KCCAT and our team have been recognized at the local, national, and international levels for excellence in clinical care and setting and as leaders in the professional community. Our Founding Director has mentored generations of clinicians and research scientists and set a mission for KCCAT to provide community education, outreach, and extensive volunteer efforts to both local and national organizations. KCCAT team members are all active and enthusiastic representatives of evidence-based psychological care. Our professionals have been selected for the ADAA Early Career Leadership Program and our center remains the only local facility holding institutional membership with the International OCD Foundation.

Meet Our Team

While there are numerous mental health providers in our region, our levels of training, experience, and expertise set us apart.