Information for Referring Providers

Who is appropriate for KCCAT services?

We provide services for all ages, with a focus on individuals with anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, trauma and stressor-related disorders, and frequently co-occurring conditions (depression, insomnia, etc.). KCCAT is also able to accommodate a wide range of levels of severity given the flexibility of our services: we are able to provide brief preventative and skill-building protocols for emerging concerns, typical outpatient psychotherapy for those with mild-to-moderate concerns, and accelerated and intensive treatment protocols for individuals with more severe symptom presentations (or when a more mild/moderate severity concern can be effectively addressed in this format). While the KCCAT team is knowledgable and skilled in treating individuals with a wide-range of conditions outside of those mentioned above, we are not a good fit for individuals seeking treatment primarily for severe mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) or primary concerns related to suicidality and self-harm. Our website includes information about our services, conditions we treat, and information about our policies and fees.

Do you take insurance?

KCCAT services are considered Out of Network and patients are expected to pay at the time of service and may submit claims for reimbursement directly to their insurance carrier, as applicable. We do not submit claims directly, and patients are not able to submit to Medicare or Medicaid for KCCAT services. If finances are a concern, we do offer services provided by trainee clinicians (as appropriate and available) as well as payment plan options. More information can be found here.

How do I refer a patient to KCCAT?

We ask that you direct your patient to complete the online KCCAT New Patient/Resource Request Form anytime at their convenience. Additionally, they can leave a message for our Intake Coordinator Team by calling (913) 649-8820 and selecting menu option 1, or by emailing

Formal referrals to KCCAT services are not required. In order to best expedite scheduling, we do ask that your office not complete the online form on behalf of your patient, or fax in referral forms prior to the patient directly establishing contact. Additionally, a patient contacting individual team members rather than our Intake Coordinator Team is likely to slow down the process of getting the patient started with our center.

Who can I talk to if I have referral questions?

If you’d like to first discuss if KCCAT may be an appropriate fit or provide additional information before we assign available assessment staff, please contact the Intake Coordinator Team by calling (913) 649-8820 and selecting menu option 1, or by emailing Many times our Intake Coordinator Team can answer questions about referrals, but for more complex issues they may connect you with KCCAT’s Director.

Do you offer step-down services from a higher level of care?

Yes! Assuming the patient is a good fit for our services, we are often able to provide individualized step-down care from residential or other intensive care programs. Given our unique position as the only team-based anxiety specialty center in the area providing CBT/ERP, we do try to prioritize step-down patient care specifically when a patient has been in a higher level of care program focused on anxiety, OCD, or related conditions. All of our step-down services are individual; we do not have group-based IOP or PHP services. However, we are equipped to provide a similar level of care on an individual basis given our team structure.

We ask that referring providers from higher levels of care reach out to us as far in advance of discharge as possible so that we can ensure adequate staffing and begin step-down treatment planning. This allows us to provide seamless step-down care and minimize any gaps in treatment. KCCAT has a member of our Intake Coordinator Team who is designated to assist in these cases; please email the team at or call (913) 649-8820 ext. 1 to begin coordinating step-down care.

What can I expect when my patient seeks care at KCCAT?

Our services are usually just one piece of the puzzle in providing excellent patient care, so we will keep lines of communication open with providers who may be working in tandem with us, such as primary care physicians, psychiatrists, or other specialists. We will have patients complete a Release of Information form upon starting treatment to facilitate communication with referring providers.

Once your patient completes a New Patient/Resource Request Form, their information will be reviewed by KCCAT’s Director. Our Intake Coordinator Team may reach out to the patient to gather more information to determine goodness of fit with KCCAT services, if needed. The patient will then be provided with resources and will either be assigned to a primary clinician or provided with referrals (if KCCAT services are not appropriate/indicated). A team member will reach out within a week (in most cases much sooner, such as within 1-3 business days) to schedule the Initial Assessment appointment. Our waitlist for assessment appointments changes often throughout the year; information about our wait times can be provided by our Intake Coordinator Team.

Can I make a referral to a specific team member?

When making a referral to KCCAT, it is important to know that our team approach means that we operate quite differently from a group private practice. Our team members have very similar training backgrounds and areas of expertise, making most team members excellent fits for most of our common patient presentations. Additionally, our team approach means that oversight for each case is provided by the entire team. We ask that you refrain from referring to a specific team member at KCCAT.

Our Director assigns patients to a primary clinician for their Initial Assessment based on a variety of factors, such as anticipated wait time and goodness of fit for the presenting concern. Referring to one specific provider can potentially delay care when another team member may be able to accommodate a patient on their caseload more quickly, or may lead to your patient being disappointed if they are assigned a different team member (even if they would still be an excellent fit!). If there are factors that you believe would impact goodness of fit with one or more of our team members, please feel free to reach out to us directly to let us know (or ask your patient to include this information when they reach out to us).

I am a therapist—can I keep working with this patient while they are seen at KCCAT?

We almost always suggest that patients take a “treatment vacation” from working with other therapists so as to allow them to focus completely on their treatment at KCCAT, which is usually time-limited. This prevents two providers from potentially working on the same issue(s) and possibly using conflicting techniques or approaches, which can contribute to confusion for patients or, at times, difficulties fully benefiting from one or both treatments. We at times will agree that it is in the best interest of the patient to continue care with their referring therapist, but this tends to be in cases where there is a very clear division of labor and agreement that we will remain in close communication throughout their treatment at KCCAT.